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Targeted dose naltrexone, also known as The Sinclair Method (TSM) uses standard dose naltrexone (50-100mg/d) in a specific protocol for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. There are certain cases to increase to 150 mg. 

Kelly Neil, FNP, DNP is available for consultations by telehealth consultations. 

 Learn more about TSM on the C3 Foundation website: The Sinclair Method (TSM)

A must-see movie for anyone struggling with alcohol use disorder: One Little Pill Movie

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly: A Sober Approach: Can Modern Medicine Help Alcoholics Recover?

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly: From Actress to Advocate Claudia Christian on Treatment that Saved Her Life

Appointment Next Steps

Thank you for starting your journey forward with HIMC . To better assist you, here are some guidelines for your first appointment.

Scheduling Telehealth Appointments:

Telehealth consultations are available for patients in California.  Visits are available either by Skype or FaceTime.  On your your email please indicate which format you prefer and your contact information (Skype name or phone number for FaceTime).

Please print and sign in the necessary areas all the forms under the respective Intake Forms tab.  Do not include SSN or DL. I do not need these for Telehealth.

Please complete the forms and email them (pdf format only) to

Follow-up visits are requested at the one month (30 day), three month (90 day), and six month marks (6 month x2) from your initial consult. Once familiar with your mediation requirements, prescription is provided for year.  Cost structure is on the "about page".

Please Note: There are some situations where naltrexone is not medically appropriate, including patients with liver failure, patients who are suicidal, on routine narcotics, or taking recreational drugs (remember naltrexone is an antagonist). Reaction is rare, but please keep in mind that your consultation is not a guarantee for a prescription for naltrexone, if the practitioner determines that there is a medical reason why it is contraindicated. Please note that the email above is not a general email for the practice, but is specially designated for HIMC patients only. For the protection of our patients, a HIPAA compliant portal is utilized for provider correspondence and scheduling. 

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