What patients have to say about their experience with HIMC

I am humbled and want to remind the public of my original statement: 

I stand on the shoulders of the patients that were willing to share with transparency and in doing so, trusted me with their care. It is that scaffolding that holds me up. -Kelly

Patient Testimonials - TSM: 

There was a time when I drank alcohol every day – EVERY DAY. No one ever starts off wanting to become a drinker, but that is way biology and addiction work. You start off just having a drink to loosen up, to get the creative juices going, to relax after a long day at work– these are all things I would tell myself. Then over time, I found that I was drinking more and more. Even worse, it got to the point where I could not stop – the urge to drink was so great. It was terrifying. I am a scientist and I understand that addiction is not a moral failure, but an issue of biology. Yet, in our society, there continues to be shame associated with drinking “too much” and it is difficult to ask/find help. However, that is exactly what you should be doing. After doing some literature research on alcohol and the brain, I found several reports on the Sinclair method and this led me to Kelly. It works! Within 3 months, I no longer was a slave to those glass(es) of wine. Almost 1 year later, and I am at the point where I can take or leave alcohol. It is freedom. The whole process is logical (simple and understandable biology), economical (a small fraction of the cost compared to other treatment regimens), and convenient (telemedicine appointments available). Kelly and the Sinclair method will change your life and your relationship with alcohol. 

- Jen from San Diego, CA

I am one year into taking Naltrexone as prescribed by Kelly and I can now say, after years of overconsumption and trying to get my drinking "under control" on my own, I am no longer afraid of alcohol....of not being able to stop when I want to, and when it is right/responsible for me to do so. I am not fearful to stay in my industry (wine) for the worry of not being able to control my intake...I no longer worry about suffering all the chaos that over-drinking had caused in my life. I don't have the same INTENSE  "I want/need MORE" reaction to alcohol that I had developed over many years of drinking. Any Rehab "professional" will tell you this is an addiction that can NEVER be changed/reversed. That once you have "it"/alcohol use disorder, abstinence is the ONLY way. And, that simply is not the case with Naltrexone. Whether or not you decide to continue to drink after the medication has altered your reward system for the better, that is entirely your choice - which I love! This drug gives you the option to abstain from and/or moderate your drinking as you see fit. Working with Kelly felt comfortable from our very first telemedicine call - she is exceptionally well versed and knowledgable in how to best tackle and prescribe this medication. I am ever grateful for finding Naltrexone and Kelly! 

- Nikki from San Dimas, CA

Since taking Naltrexone, starting in the summer of 2018, my life has changed in ways I had previously relegated to my dreams. 

I had tried many things over 15 years to combat my alcohol abuse.  There were other pharmaceutical regimens, multiple forms and attempts at therapy, and stints in alcoholics anonymous.  I’ve been arrested, jailed, lost jobs, relationships, financially crippled, and physiologically beaten down because of drinking.  Now, I take a pill one hour before I drink, and there is nothing else to think about. 

No longer am I managing my drinking or failing at managing my drinking.  I don’t need to worry about how much money I have on me or about how I’ll get home.  I don’t need to device pathetic systems to get through events without embarrassment.  I just simply do not drink too much. I still go out with friends and to dinner with my wife.  I still veg out on the couch and waste days watching movies.  The difference is, however, a reduction of 40-50 or more drinks a week. Kelly Neil has been a perfect guide through this process.  She is kind, professional, and discrete.  I am thankful she takes her time and effort to making this treatment available. I feel like a curse has been broken and I can finally be the person I’ve always wanted to be.  Instead of the cycle of binge, destruction, cleaning up, and repeat, I can focus on personal growth and creative projects.  I truly know I can now achieve my goals and my potential is limitless. 

- Elliot from San Francisco, CA

The Sinclair Method and Kelly have quite literally saved my life. I am finally hopeful as my alcoholism is being treated through science, rather than what amounts to will power and guesswork.

- Chris from Encinitas, CA

Kelly, Thank you for saving my life and marriage to my beautiful wife!! I thank God every day for the Sinclair Method and the help you and this program will continue to save.

- Richard from Carlsbad, CA

The Sinclair Method and Naltrexone has been a life changing experience for me. Working with Kelly Neil was easy and confidential. We simply met over the internet. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, patient, and empathetic. It was an idea way to handle this issue.

-Robert from San Diego

Kelly has been a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, the prescribed treatment is not working for me. She and I are still working on resolving my alcohol issues.

-Sherry from San Diego, CA

TSM has Completely Changed My Life! In my 6 months on the program, the cravings have been completely eliminated, I can now safely have one drink without triggering that uncontrollable urge to drink myself into a blackout. In fact my entire thought process no longer revolves around "when and how can I get that next drink" Feel I have been freed from the addiction and can live a much healthier and normal life. Most importantly the change has saved my marriage and the relationship with my 3 children. I owe my life to Kelly and The Sinclair Program, Thank You So Very Much! 

- Justin from Merceed, CA

Patient Testimonials - LDN:

I first heard of LDN from my best friend. My friend was always searching Eastern and  Western medicine on a quest for perfect health and harmony.  When she told me how her chronic pain disappeared after 3 days on LDN,  I was interested. Then she put her son on it who had a congenital spinal problem and soon he was playing sports!   I had just gone through a difficult year on and off narcotics and then back on again to receive two knee replacements.  I already had two hip replacements and neuropathy in my lower legs and feet. I was told to totally detoxify the narcotics and I could start LDN. Not only could it help my pain from a botched knee surgery,  chronic arthritis and now interstitial cystitis for which I was just diagnosed,  it would rid me of inflammation and as an extra bonus, increase my endorphins!  It is almost too good to be true,  a simple solution for multiple conditions!  It has also really helped my psoriasis and neuropathy.
Kelly is great!  She really cares, is very responsive and has her own testimony.  So why not be your own testimony?   Try LDN therapy!   I recommend it!  It’s been over a year and I feel great!

- Catherine from Fallbrook, CA

Kelly is the most compassionate, kind, caring medical professional we work with. We have tons of Doctors for various reasons, but Kelly really understands the person and not just the illness. Through her treatment with LDN, and nutritional advice, we have seen tremendous improvement in energy, stability, strength, and finally, pain relief.  Kelly is honest, compassionate and real. I would highly recommend her to anyone with auto-immune conditions. 

- Ed from San Diego, CA

Through Dr. Jill Cottel I met Kelly, and after years of dealing with my Hashimoto Auto-immune disease, I'm finally feeling good! I have found LDN to help with energy and sleep, as well as my thyroid prescription being lowered to the lowest level  I have ever had. Kelly is quite knowledgeable about thyroid issues as well as other hormonal issues, and she's also aware of the cost for the patient.

- Nancy from San Diego. CA

What is for sure, Kelly and the staff at HIMC are fast and responsive. She is quick to answer your many questions with efficiency and expertise. I love telehealth. 

- Harry from Oceanside, CA

Kelly Neil has worked a miracle for me after a year of misery from Hashimoto pain, fatigue, brain fog and hopelessness. Kelly thoughtfully and professionally explained the science behind LDN treatment, the expectations and the positive results.

I have my life back! Thank you Kelly!!

- Bill from San Jose, CA

LDN has been a miracle for me, and has truly given me my life back. Two spinal surgeries in addition to other autoimmune conditions had left me in chronic pain and unable to function. I was unable and unwilling to take opioids, and was referred to Dr. Cottel and then Kelly for LDN.  What a life changing experience. My pain is gone, my immunity has been supercharged, and my mood has improved.  I haven’t been sick in the 2  1/2  years I’ve been taking LDN.  I am eternally grateful for this medication.  Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, kind and compassionate.  I highly recommend HIMC for anyone who wants to lower inflammation, boost immunity and mood, and enhance their quality of life. 

- Lisa from San Diego, CA

For the past 6 to 7 years I have dealt with many health issues, some dealing with chronic pain in my back, hips, with neuropathy in legs, feet, and inflammation in my joints from arthritis. I have had many doctors over the years who have prescribed a long list of ways to help me deal with the pain, from injections, physical therapy's, operations, medications, stem cell therapy, and pharmaceuticals. Some of these prescribed things worked for a while and some made things worse. For the most part, I have used narcotics to dull the pain, which worked ok until I needed more and stronger drugs to have a little control over the pain and then when the opioids had me under it's an addiction I knew I had to find a way out of this madness before it was too late.  For anyone who has never had chronic pain themselves would not really understand how desperate a person becomes to have any relief from it.   

Knowing that many people die every year from overdosing on prescribed opioids or the drug destroys your liver, I started a search for someone or something to help me with my addiction to the opioids and thank God I found LDN and Kelly Neil. I knew from the first meeting with Kelly on the telemedicine call that I could feel her kindness, caring, understanding of my problem and a love for God. The LDN protocol Kelly put me on has helped take me off the opioids. I still have some of the pain, but it is almost manageable,  we are still working on it. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is looking for a better quality of life.

- George, Laguna Hills, CA

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