Low Dose Naltrexone

As I mentioned on my mission statement, I have many mentors. Dr. Jill Cottel is not only a  

wonderful friend of greater than 20 years, but has taught me in all the nuances of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).  I admire her dedication and selflessness. 

I give Dr. Cottel ALL the credit. 

Please share with me her wealth of dedication and support for the cause. 


     Thank you Jill 



Dr. Cottel wrote the Introduction to the best-seller The LDN Book. Visit the website of the publisher Chelsea Green, where you may read the introduction for free, and where the book is also available for purchase: Purchase the LDN Book

View a slide-show presentation "LDN Summer Cases 2016" where Dr. Cottel presents several cases of patients treated with Low Dose Naltrexone: Dr. Cottel's Interview with Linda Elsegood from the LDN Research Trust - Summer 2016

Listen to archived radio shows featuring Dr Cottel as a guest, discussing her experience with LDN as a prescriber: LDN Radio Station

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Compounding Pharma(but not limited to)



Food sensitivities:

There are some situations when dietary choices play a larger role in auto-immune ailments. When this is the case, additional testing may be in order (ie 96 food markers)




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