Hadar Integrative Medical Center (HIMC) is a virtual entity set to meet the evolving needs of our patients. HIMC is a telehealth company committed to the advancing health direction. The character of our staff and institution has been the fundamental building blocks for the vision and the continued success of this company.

Why Hadar? 

Hadar is an ancient word meaning “honed by fire”, referring to the refinement process of silver; 

Also means: splendor, majestic, honor, and dignity. 


What is Integrative? 

Integrative is placing the patient in the center of all decision making processes. 


What is with the logo? 

Cannot take credit for this. This is all the web designer, Elly Bannon. Please click on the below link to

view some of her other amazing works. ( honeyandbe.com)

The thought is “turning a new leaf”, whether it is health, well-being, or just a new year.

I love the simplicity of it. 

Meet the Team: 

Kelly Neil FNP DNP



Kelly Neil is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who specializes in Internal Medicine. She received her master’s degree from California State University in 2001. Went on to receive her Doctorate (DNP) in Clinical Practice from Case Western Reserve. Kelly has greater than twenty years’ experience in the medical industry, specifically dedicated in preventive care and internal medicine. She practices with integrity, efficiency, and the understanding that each patients needs will be different. She has always felt that it is important to maintain an optimistic perspective in all aspects of life; she strives to give her patients this outlook as well. Collaboration: Dr. Tien Trinh MD, San Jose Ca. Read more about Dr. Tien Trinh here

Elly Bannon: Web Designer

Elly Bannon is a designer and content creator. She specializes in digital marketing and social media strategy. Elly graduated from Chapman University with a B.A in theatre design and advertising. She currently lives in Southern California where she spends her free time enjoying the sunshine. Elly loves to collaborate, problem solve and make ideas come to life! She works on projects with patience and passion to get things done! She is the co-founder of Honey & Be, a self care company.



Ali Neil: CTSO

Ali Neil aside from IT Support for HIMC, has been the Head of Technology for a School District, a Cloud Engineer in FinTech and is currently working in the HCLS using AI/ML for Google. Ali currently lives in the Greater Los Angeles area and spends her time away from a computer out Skiing, Hiking or Fishing. She enjoys tackling problems in technology with passion and enthusiasm, tackling new projects as well as keeping current clients satisfied. Please reach out to her for assistance at support@hadarimc.com


New patient consultation is 150.00

Follow-up is 75.00, scheduled at 30 and 90 days after initiation of medication, 6 months x 2 then annually

Average cost for first year of treatment, 300.00 dollars. Following year is 150.00 and thereafter with a year of refills.

New patient consultation within two to three days, both LDN and TSM.

Anticipate a fee after two missed appointments. 

Questions via email are answered within 24 hours free of charge.


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